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In January, I had the opportunity to travel with Brandon to visit Singapore (where my mother-in-law lives) and Indonesia (where a lot of B’s extended family lives).  Singapore is at least vaguely familiar – I got to visit with B back in 2010, and so I was excited to go back because Bread Talk and Toast Box and all the food things. I was pretty nervous (read: terrified) about Indonesia, though. We weren’t going to super-fancy Bali, or even Jakarta; this was going to be the real deal…we were going to visit the places where B’s parents grew up: Solo and Yogyakarta.

Brief summary of my Indonesia-related nervousness: air travel (I’ve realized I’m becoming more and more of a nervous flyer as I get older…is that just me??), dengue, the possibility of forgetting that I shouldn’t consume ice or non-bottled drinks/water, getting sick because of water/the way things are cooked/stored, not being able to communicate with anyone and feeling lonely about it, and squatty potties. I know, I'm a total winner. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked when my mother-in-law decided we were staying at hotels…yes, I know, not the real real experience. But it at least lessened my squatty potty-related anxiety.

Being in Indonesia was, overall, pretty incredible. It was cool to get a small snippet of what it was like for B’s parents growing up, to meet my new extended family, and to experience a place that has been a reasonably significant part of B’s life, too. And of course, Singapore was great. We did a lot of eating and shopping and wandering and even got to see Alison, who was there at the same time for a work trip.

//a few random things about Singapore and Indonesia//

It is, as expected, super frustrating to be constantly surrounded by conversations wherein you can’t really take part. It’s also kind of funny because you do a lot of smiling, nodding, and eating instead.

So. Sweaty. Though at least in the tropics, everyone becomes a sweaty monster, so there's less shame about it.

In Indo, I actually saw a man on the side of the road with a trained, dancing monkey. I’m not joking, and it was actually far more upsetting than you would think. But also a little funny because the monkey had masks it would use, one of which was basically a hollowed out doll head.

I forgot to take pictures of most of the food that I ate. Dummy. I also learned that even with all the hype, Din Tai Fung is actually pretty delicious.

Indonesia has this food thing called serabi. Texturally, it’s kind of like pancakes, pudding and mochi had a love child – a coconutty, delicious love child. They were amazing and I basically ate an entire box of them. I need to figure out how to make them.

Some of the best food you will ever find comes from little tents, garages, and stalls on the side of the road in Indonesia. Soto mie, satay, martabak, nasi goreng, nasi liwet… they were all amazing, despite my insane (but warranted?) fear of getting sick. I ate pretty small amounts of everything and instead kind of ended up wishing I had behaved like the true fat kid I am.

Singapore is basically one part hyper air conditioned shopping mall and one part nature reserve. The nature reserve is beautiful (they have a crazy awesome zoo, too), and the shopping malls are where a lot of really good food is…visit all of it.

Last but not least...I GOT TO GO TO A CAT CAFE. #lifegoals.