Hi. Hello. Howdy.

I'm Mel, the girl behind the blog-magic happening here.

I've always had an interest in food, cooking, and baking...and eating...and so I thought it might be fun to chronicle my adventures with food, and share them with the interwebs.

I live and work in Chicago, but spent the first 25 years of my life as a Californian. I'm also maybe a crazy cat lady (and an animal-lover in general), so you'll see a bit of that in here, too. My favorite foods change all the time, but right now, I'd go with tacos, garlic bread, mangoes, most vegetables, eggs, and pudding. And sour candy. I really, really don't like mussels, lima beans, and water chestnuts. I try to taste things more than once before forming an opinion. I'm working on being less weirded out by "funky" meat products (i.e. pate, head cheese, etc), but it's a slow process. You might also hear from Brandon, on occasion. He's an all around awesome dude who happens to like me enough to date me. He likes to cook too, and is pretty adventurous with trying new foods. He's also pretty good at bread-making, and he writes about music (Black Porridge.)

Back to the cooking bit...I'm self-taught, so please don't think of me as an expert of any kind. I do my research, and I read, and I experiment, and that's how I've learned any "skills" I have. I am currently reading a textbook on the science of baking though. Maybe that will make me an expert. I really hope so, because culinary school is expensive.

I hope you enjoy reading. Please feel free to comment, or use the contact button below (but be nice and/or constructive, alright? No rude people allowed. I'll just delete your comment anyway, or find a way to publicly shame you.)

If you use a recipe, please credit either me (with a link to my post), or the original source of the recipe (if there is one). No photo stealing. All photos posted here (unless otherwise noted) are my own -- taken and edited by me. If you'd like to use a photo, please ask first.